Tickets will go on sale March 1st.


Gates open at 9:00am, Friday
(no public admittance before that time)
Music starts at about 3:00pm that day.
The festival ends at dusk on Sunday.
No camping will be allowed that night.

NO PETS - No Exceptions
Pet Boarding Choices:
Puppy Love Daycare 716-581-0122
Countryside Kennels 716-753-3180

No amplified music or loud behavior after midnight.
Failure to respect the peace & privacy of fellow campers will be cause for dismissal.
The festival must end by dusk on Sunday. No camping will be allowed that night.

Since we began asking you to not bring glass, the volume has been reduced by 2/3rds.
Our Rainbow Recyclers want to thank you for this progress!
We are not banning glass, but we hope that you will continue to reduce what you bring and leave for our recyclers to handle piece by piece. The problems with glass are that it is heavy, it breaks easy, and the system for sorting and recycling is very labor intensive. So THANK YOU for helping with this effort.

Due to NYS law, consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21 is prohibited.
Due to liability and safety considerations, no one under the age of 18 can be admitted to the festival, unless accompanied by a parent or other adult who is willing to assume responsibility for them. We'd like to thank all of you who cooperated so well with this policy last year.

About Firewood and Fires:
Bringing FIREWOOD to the Blue Heron is PROHIBITED! Chautauqua County is quarantined and NO firewood can be transported into the festival from any location. We will have to confiscate and burn any wood that you bring onto the property, to protect our woodlot.
Clicking on the links below will display maps regarding areas of infection/quarantine.

Click here for more info regarding the Emerald Ash Borer quarentines.

We will have a firewood vendor on-site selling wood cut from our own property.
We have had increasing complaints about smoldering fires and the smoky haze that this creates at the Blue Heron. Please douse fires when not in use and share your neighbors fire whenever possible. Less fires would also help reduce the amount of work for us, as we spend weeks repairing fire pits each year. Thank you for your cooperation on this issue.
About Large RV's and campers:
Our camping areas are laid out in 20’x20’ grids which fit most tents, vans or standard RV's. If the rig you bring is longer than 20', you will be asked to pay for two or more vehicle camping stickers depending on your total length. There are two main areas that can accommodate extra large RV’s or buses; one is on the top the hill on Heron Overlook’s Purple Lot and another is near the entrance to the Blue Lot. We have no water or electric hook-ups for RVs anywhere on the property. (See the festival map)

click here to download a map of the festival site

About RV Generators:
Generators with RV's are allowed at the Blue Heron, but can only be run in the middle of the day to charge batteries. They must be turned off after dark until midday. Please be respectful of your neighbor's peace and quiet.
About Handicap Camping, Parking & Shuttling:
There seems to be a greater need each year to help people with limited accessibility. Two areas are set aside for handicap camping. The first is in the Green Lot (see the festival map) and the second is near the North Gate in the Orange Lot. The spaces in the Green Lot fill up early on Friday morning and are first come first serve; we do not reserve any camping spaces. Only a few of these handicap spots have electric available for those that need it for medical purposes. The spaces in the Orange Lot are farther away from the stages, but still very useable (sorry, no electric). Handicap parking is in two areas also. Some fit into the Orange Lot with the handicap camping and most are in the Red Lot near the entrance along the hedgerow. (Again, see the map). All of these areas are along shuttle routes. We run tractor shuttles that you can get a ride from and we also have volunteers driving golf carts that are labeled “shuttle” or “handicap shuttle”. You can always ask anyone with a radio to call one of the handicap shuttles for you. We do our best to help, but know we have an expansive landscape and its fairly rugged with hilly terrain. There is one handicap porta-john near the vendors.
Thursday Purple Lot Special:
The Heron will be offering an option for general patrons to camp overnight Thursday on the Heron Overlook property across the road from our North Entrance. On Thursday only, between 4pm-9pm, we'll be asking people on the road if they want to get out of the line and set up camp in the Heron Overlook Purple Lot. There will be an additional charge for this of $20 per sticker, making the sticker prices $65 which are good thru Sunday dusk. (Camping vehicles or RVs over 20' in length will need additional stickers for each 20'.)
Restrictions: You are required to camp in the Purple Lot for the weekend, you can not move to another camping area after Thursday. Your sticker is not exchangeable for Orange or Green stickers. You are not allowed on the festival property until the gate opens Friday at 9am. Purple Lot is a quiet camping area for the whole weekend. Quiet camping means no loud behavior or music after 11pm.
We hope that offering this option on Thursday will reduce the number of people camping on the road overnight Thursday. Heron Overlook has a gorgeous view of the festival site, clean drinking water and portable toilet facilities. Most camping spaces are out in the grass, but there are also open wooded camping where you can put a tent in the shade.

Kids' Tent offers young children a lovely shaded play area. A huge sand box, a painting station and playdough table are always available. In addition, fun workshops are scheduled throughout the day. In the past these have included, face painting, story telling, a small theater production and a talent show, in addition to many crafts.

Teen Tent is a supervised hangout tent near the beach. You'll find games, crafts, coffee bar, tie dye workshop, hacky sack, night time movies, beach party and such.

Great Blue Heron,
2361 Wait Corners Rd.
anama NY 14767


The Great Blue Heron Music Festival was first held in 1992. Our initial motivation was the desire to host a Saturday afternoon barbecue/gathering with Donna the Buffalo. But our larger inspiration became the beautiful piece of land on which we stood to plan the party. By the end of that first meetin, we had decided to attempt a three-day event.

Located in the Amish-inhabited rolling hills of Western New York's Chautauqua County, the site virtually planned the layout for us. The main stage would fit nicely amid some pines at the foot of a naturally amphitheatric, maple-shaded hillside. The many acres of woods and trails seemed perfect for tent-campers, and we saw that adjacent fields could accommodate those who preferred to attend in campers or RVs. As our enthusiasm grew, we envisioned trucking in sand to create a beach alongside a large pond, the land's signature feature. As for performers, our experience in presenting local club shows had established relationships with many talented folks. As we contacted them with our idea, many went for it; most for little or no monetary reward. They included, along with ‘Donna’; Rusted Root, The Heartbeats, John & Mary, Rasta Rafiki and the late Colorblind James.

The first Blue Heron, drew about 900 people, and while it was no great financial success, the response by fans and everyone else involved, encouraged us to try again. By our second year, we had added a huge dance tent, along with performer-hosted music workshops, dance instruction, and a full slate of children's activities. In subsequent years, we added a songwriters' circle, cut new trails, and expanded our food and merchandise layout.

As we grew, parking became a problem, with cars along the road stretching to the horizon. Thanks to the neighbors, we added a huge field to accommodate them. As time went on we cleared more land to house those who preferred a quiet area, more removed from the center of things. This was so well received that we recently acquired a beautiful piece of land across the road, which has also become popular with the fans, offering a spectacular overview of the festival. As we prepare to enter our nineteenth festival year, we're grateful for the many wonderful friends we've made, and proud of our reputation for organization, safety and the opportunity to come together each year in the spirit of community and harmony. But we'd be remiss in not giving the lion's share of the credit to our hundreds of volunteers. Where all those wonderful people came from that first year, we still don't know. But not only are many of them still with us, they've been joined by a lot more, bringing the total each year to well over 600.
This year will also see a full schedule of performances at our new cafe-in-the-woods.

Each year we have all come together to form a truly harmonious community. The loyalty, enthusiasm and approval of all who have attended has become our true inspiration.

click here to download a map of the festival site

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